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Vertical Shift

What is Vertical Shift?

Vertical Shift is a multiplayer VR game where you fly through a city using grappling hooks, jetpacks, wings, and other innovative locomotions. The game features hand-crafted maps for the players to swing around and fly through, emphasizing the unique variety of gameplay mechanics. The game types emulate competitive sports, such as Tag, Capture the Flag and Racing. We aim to create a new and engaging experience that will keep players coming back to play with their friends.

How Vertical Shift Started?

This project started as an idea between my colleague Sean and I, who were interested in pursuing exciting ways for VR players to move around a virtual space. Our first version of the game where you could swing and jetpack around a basic city map was so exhilarating, we knew that this was a game worth pursuing. Although we had no experience in it at the time, we determined to build this into a multiplayer game so that we could compete with our friends online.

My Roles & contributing features

Multiplayer Systems

  • Photon / Pun for real time data transfer
  • Photon Chat for real time friend status and friend requests

Azure Playfab

  • Friends
  • Stats
  • In game economy
  • Live service features
  • Leaderboards
  • Feature Flags
  • Password resets

Azure Functions and Cosmo db

  • Match history
  • 3rd party auth for Oculus purchases
  • Misc. Calculations

Game Dev

  • Level Designer and Dev
  • Audio Designer and Dev
  • Spectator systems
  • Post match results systems
  • XP account level systems
  • Competitive designer
  • Achievements
  • Misc. SFX / VFX

Project management

  • Team Management
  • Community manager
  • Tournament organizer
  • Caster
  • AV Live production
  • Video Editor
  • Promotional Videos


  • Discord bots to talk to game db
  • Discord bot to view leaderboards


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