Vertical Shift

What is Vertical Shift?

Vertical Shift is a multiplayer VR game where you fly through a city using grappling hooks, jetpacks, wings, and other innovative locomotions. The game features hand-crafted maps for the players to swing around and fly through, emphasizing the unique variety of gameplay mechanics. The game types emulate competitive sports, such as Tag, Capture the Flag and Racing. We aim to create a new and engaging experience that will keep players coming back to play with their friends.

How Vertical Shift Started

This project started as an idea between my colleague Sean and I, who were interested in pursuing exciting ways for VR players to move around a virtual space. Our first version of the game where you could swing and jetpack around a basic city map was so exhilarating, we knew that this was a game worth pursuing. Although we had no experience in it at the time, we made the determination to build this into a multiplayer game so that we could compete with our friends online.

Ben’s Roles

  • Photon / Pun
  • Microsoft Playfab
  • Player Account systems
  • Player Stats
  • LeaderBoards
  • Friends
  • Achievements
  • Unlockable Items
  • Spectator Systems
  • Multiplayer Systems
  • Management Systems
  • Lead Designer For all Maps
  • Promotional Videos
  • Managing Discord Community of over 1000

TagMap HQ

One of the most used maps currently in Vertical Shifts Competitive game mode is Called Tag HQ (The Home of Freeze Tag) Video Below

Video Showing off Tag HQ

Below are some static Images of Tag HQ taken during the Development Process

Tag Bowl (Hot Seat Gamemode)

Tag Bowl was originally created as a Tag Map, However, due to its size, it was soon a grounds for a new Game Mode called HotSeat. Video Found Below.


Extraction is a Variant of capture the flag. One team holds a Large Ship with a Special orb in it, Their job is to not let the other team get that orb and get out. The other team’s Job is to get the orb. The map for this game is asymmetrical meaning that both sides are different from each other.

The First Tag Map

This map was the first map developed for the Game mode Freeze Tag.

Video Showing off the First Tag Map


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